We are Sihana. An Albanian company which produces and sells parapharmaceutical products and personal care products. From skin care, to body care, to hair care, we cover them for you. If you are looking for the right product for your skin and hair type or if you have always wanted to create something of your own, we are here for you.

Welcome to Sihana, your first choice for any cosmetic and parapharmaceutical product. We are dedicated to giving you the best natural cosmetics with a focus on facial skin, body and hair care. Sihana has come a long way since her beginnings in Albania. Sihana’s passion for natural cosmetics, prompted us to meet customer demand with products that are not contaminated, an innovation that Sihana is proud to have promoted in the Albanian market.

We already serve our customers all over Albania and we are enthusiastic that we made it possible to turn our passion into beauty aid. We are a cosmetics and parapharmaceutical company which offers and manufactures a wide range of services and products to bring your dreams to life. From the basic product to the best finished product ready for the market. Sihana is the first company in Albania which offers services and natural parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Our mission is to connect people and nature through our products.

You are beautiful from the outside in, even if you do not see it, together we can. Allow yourself to feel beautiful every day, young, full of confidence, and radiate through your skin and hair. Explore the best parts of nature at the tip of your hand. Albania is rich in plants easily used in cosmetics, the reason why we chose to invest in our country thus helping you to invest in your beauty.

Wanting to educate people on what our country has to offer, we put together the best ingredients to treat your skin and hair, with as much delicacy as nature would.

Where are Sihana products produced?

Sihana produces the products in its factory based in Albania. Sihana factory and laboratory where the raw material is produced and where the products are fabricated are of the latest technology.

What ingredients does Sihana use?

Mother uses 100% natural ingredients. Sihana does not use artificial colors or fragrances, harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, in any of its products.

Where is Sihana?

Sihana operates on:

  • Her physical store- Sihana Store- in Tirana
  • Factory- Nenna Manufactory
  • Head offices- Nenna Group- in Tirana

What does Sihana do for me?

Sihana believes in partnership and invites you to be her long-term partner towards success.

Sihana supports your business by offering support in reselling personal care products such as: skin, hair, parapharmacy.

Sihana realizes your dream to personalize the brand, to achieve a successful business.

Brand Personalization