Esterel – Fluide Sebo Purifiant


Esterel – Fluide Sebo Purifiant


“Aromatic lotion for oily, irritated skin or with acne. Its formula based on purifying essential oils, treats local irritations and infections caused by particular conditions, against microbial proliferation. It is also a natural way to clean and sooth the skin after pedicure, epilation or shaving. Fluide Sebo Purifiant:

  • Aromatic lotion for oily skin with acne
  • For powerful, elastic and relaxed skin and scalp

Ingredients: essential oils of lavender, tea tree, thyme

USE INSTRUCTIONS: It can be used in different ways: distributing some pure drops on the zone to treat; in special treatments adding some drops to hte ESTEREL cosmettics or adding some drops to water for baths, compresses, vaporization as requested.

Size: 30ml

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