Esterel – Huile Douceur pH


Esterel – Huile Douceur pH


“Beard Treating Oil. Its pleasant and non-greasy texture releases an intense aroma, leaving the beard soft and silky. Enriched with Hemp Oil and Vitamin E it is the best way for a sweet daily cuddle to soften the beard and making it workable and pleasant to caress. With no preservatives, dyes and silicones. Huile Douceur pH:

  • Nourishes and softens beard

Ingredients: Vitamin E, Hemp Oil

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Apply a few drops on the palm of the hand (this quantity can be adapted according to the fullness, length, and structure of the beard) and distribute evenly over the beard; if necessary, gently brush to untangle the knots.

Size: 30ml

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