Esterel – Phyto 5-Alfa 10 fiale


Esterel – Phyto 5-Alfa 10 fiale


“5 Stars hair loss lotion effectively treating androgenetic hair loss cases, regulating the sebaceous secretion and favoring the keratin regeneration. Formulated for hereditary hair loss on male and female.
Based on Saw Palmetto it represents an energizing treatment of hair losses originated by hormonal or androgenetic causes and it is suitable for treating the progressive alopecia.
Hair will get tone, life and brightness. Phyto 5-Alfa 10 fiale:

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Distribute the content of an ampoule on scalp before drying as usual.

Size: 10 vials, 10 ml each.

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