Silky – Dressing Hair Color


Silky – Dressing Hair Color


“Ammonia, paraben and PPD free coloration with protective ingredients for a perfect result. It leaves the hair brilliant, soft and healthy and respects the hair structure. Ideal for the most sensitive skin: it does not irritate the scalp.

Ammonia, paraben and PPD free mixture that includes active ingredients that are beneficial to hair. Such as: Argan oil, rich in fat acids and vitamin E, with emollient, nuorishing, stretching and anti-age properties, Aloe vera: Hydrating, antioxidant, soothing, anti-inflammatory, refreshing and antibiotic properties, Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant properties, reduces sun damage on coloration.

Safe for use during pregnancy, for cancer patients and persons with sensitive skin.

Suited for more than 4 lightness levels and 55 different shades.

Mix with the emulsion with mixing ratio 1:1.5, or 1:2 with toners.


Useful tips before you start the coloring process:
• The outcome of the coloring process depends on your natural hair color and your current hair color. Your hair can maintain a stable shade longer if they are in a treated with more care.
• In order to lighten or rejuvenate the color, apply the chosen coloring mixture on your hair.
• In order to accentuate or strengthen your current hair color, begin by using
• Color Ultralift

If your hair has a red nuance that you want to change noticeably
into a darker color like auburn, you need to use Color Ultralift in the next
2 or 3 hair coloring seances.
If you have auburn, black or red hair and you wisht to change it
completely into a blond color, you need to wait for your hair to grow
into its natural color and then apply a lighter color of your choosing.

c) Total time needed for coloring – 30 minutes.
3.2 Application at the root of the hair:
a) In a few weeks your hair will naturally grow and you need only color the roots of the hair. Put on
your gloves and prepare the mixture as instructed in the packaging.
b) Apply the foam on dry hair by
c) gently massaging the roots of the hair and let it sit for 25 min.
d) Then uniformly apply the rest of the mixture on the remaining parts of the hair
through gently massaging it, and let it sit for 5 more minutes.

4. Shade stability
Rinse your hair with hot water continuously, until the water pouring out is clear (does
not contain any coloring mixture).
Apply balm on your hair and let it sit for 2 minutes, then rinse it off with water.

Size 100 ml”

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