Silky – Rew Color


Silky – Rew Color


“Silky Rew Color

Color remover in powder for oxidising hair dyes. Retouches, corrects and removes hair dye without affecting hair colour. Rew Color’s delicate action leaves hair structure intact and does not lighten natural hair colour. Thanks to the new formula in powder form, available in convenient single-dose packs, Rew Color is effective, easy-to-use, and suited to both partial and total hair dye correction.


  1. Apply a shampoo with an alkaline pH.
  2. Rinse and remove excess water, using a towel to pat hair dry.
  3. In a bowl mix a single-dose pack of Color Back with warm water at a ratio of 1:6 (1 pack to be mixed with 120 ml of water).
  4. Put on gloves and massage the mixture into hair, from roots to tips.
  5. Leave undisturbed for 20 minutes under a heat source.
  6. Rinse carefully.
  7. Wash with shampoo followed by conditioner.
  8. Rinse once again and dry hair well.
  9. Apply hair dye as usual.

If necessary, up to three consecutive treatments of Color Back may be carried out on the same day, rinsing hair well after each application.

Size 500 gr”

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