Silky – Deco Cream


Silky – Deco Cream


“Innovative formula with high cosmeticity, it guarantees a modulable technical result with maximum protection thanks to its anti-yellow action in a new creamy consistency. It offers uniform bleaching from light to strong, up to 7 tones. It bleaches in an easy and safe way, respecting hair health. Thanks to its versatility it can be used with any bleaching instrument and technique: foil, thermal papers, free technique. It can even be used on scalp (maximum 30 vol). Its creamy consistency makes it easy and fast to use, and safer when preparing the mixture and applying. It does not swell or leak.

HOW TO USE: Mix with peroxide cream, following the proportions indicated in the chart. Peroxide volume and development time change according to hair condition and the result u wish to achieve.

Size 100 ml”

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